Why are Measurements Important?

Measuring your child is the best way to guarantee the correct size of uniform is purchased. Accurate measurements ensure a long life for uniform without looking over or undersized. If you cannot bring your child to the shop to try clothes on, binging their measurements is the next best thing. Additionally, it is sometimes helpful to bring an item of clothing you know fits, for comparison to the new garments.

How to Measure your Child

  • Height – Make sure the child is not wearing shoes and is standing on a level floor, then measure from the top of their head down to the floor.
  • Collar – Measure around the base of the neck where the collar sits.
  • Chest – Measure the chest at the fullest part, placing the tape measure under the arms.
  • Waist – Measure around the waist at the smallest point.
  • Inside Leg – Measure with shoes on from the crotch to where the trousers will usually end.
  • Skirt Length – Measure from under the belly button to the desired skirt length.

Child Sizing Conversion Guides

Conversion Guide for Chest Size in Inches to Childs Age
Conversion Guide for Collar Size in Inches to Childs Age
Conversion Guide for Waist Size to Childs Age