Washing Advice and Garment Care

School Uniform is an investment; therefore, it is important to take good care of it both during washing and wearing. Following the manufacturers instructions will increase the lifespan of your garments and preserve their quality.


We recommend washing knitted garments and sweatshirts inside out. This will help preserve the quality of the garment and prevent pilling. We also recommend washing sweatshirts/sweat cardigans inside out before the first wear to avoid excessive fluff being transferred to polo shirts worn beneath.

Common washing symbols and their meaning


It is usually better to leave items to dry naturally to preserve their quality. However, this is not always practical. If you must tumble dry an item, make sure to use a low heat. Never tumble dry a pleated item, as this will reverse the pleating treatment.

Common drying symbols and their meanings


Most school uniform is ‘easy care’ meaning it does not require ironing. Make sure to check the manufacturers label and use the correct heat setting for the garment. If ironing something printed, make sure not to iron over the printing, as this could damage it.

Common Ironing symbols and their meanings

Preventing Common Laundry Mistakes


Pilling is caused by excess friction or heat exposure. It causes the fabric to look bobbly.  Some garments, such as knitted jumpers, are more prone to pilling. The chance of an item pilling can be reduced by washing the garment inside out and at low temperatures. It is also good practice to airdry items prone to bobbling as the high temperatures in tumble driers can exacerbate the issue.


Wear2School make sure to source only the best quality school uniform items, so the risk of shrinkage should be minimal. However, it is best to wash clothes at a low temperature and avoid tumble drying to reduce the chance of shrinkage even further. This is particularly important with knitwear and sweatshirts.


It is important to was like colours together. Make sure to wash whites, brights, and darks separately to avoid dye leaching from one item into another. It is also important to make sure you are dosing your washing machine correctly with detergent. Too much or too little can lead to discoloured clothing due to residue or improper washing.

Wear2School Uniform

Wear2School source our high-quality uniform from well-respected and reputable suppliers. We are confident it will last and wash well, but if you have any questions our friendly staff will be more than happy to help and advise. Pop into the shop on North Street or contact us via phone or email with any questions.