Environmental Policy

Now more than ever, it is vital all businesses do as much as they can to protect our environment and reduce waste. This applies to all parts of the manufacturing chain, from production of raw materials right through to purchase by the end customer.

We know the state of the environment is one of the most important issues for both our schools and the students we provide uniform for, so with that in mind we do our very best to limit our impact on our beautiful planet.

  • Supplier vetting. Each of our suppliers are carefully vetted by us, and must adhere to strict environmental and ethical criteria. All of our suppliers have robust environmental policies of their own and we make sure to keep up to date with all improvements they make to their manufacturing processes.
  • Recycled Materials. Almost all the uniform we stock is made using recycled materials. Everything from blazers to shoes contain recycled materials, often fibres derived from plastic bottles.
  • Pre-Loved Uniform. We collect pre-loved uniform in store in order to save it from landfill. Uniform often has plenty of life left in it once a child has used it, and we collect second hand uniform for donation to the Children’s Centre and other charities, so it can have a new lease of life.
  • High Quality Garments. A huge part of the problem within the clothing industry is ‘fast fashion’. We make sure to source high quality but affordable garments that will last. All our garments are tested both by our suppliers and ourselves for colour fastness, strength and durability with most garments guaranteed to last far beyond the test limit of 40 washes.
  • In-store Recycling. Due to the nature of the business, we do receive a lot of boxes. All of the cardboard in the shop is either recycled or reused by us, none is ever sent to landfill.
  • Bulk Ordering. We make sure to place the majority of our stock orders in one go, in order to lessen our carbon footprint as we receive far fewer small deliveries throughout the year. Ordering in this way also allows us to keep our costs down to parents.

Our Suppliers

It is vital to us at Wear2School that both we and our suppliers meet our social responsibilities. We work hard to review the policies of all our suppliers, particularly those with factories in other countries. We will not partner with any supplier who cannot guarantee a fair wage and comfortable working conditions for all their staff across the supply chain.

All of our suppliers have extensive industry accreditation, assuring us that their staff are well paid and well looked after. This incudes SEDEX membership, B-Corp certification and industry specific audits.


Closer to home, we strive to work with and for the community that supports us. Several of our staff members volunteer with local charities, and a portion of the business revenue is donated to various charities annually.

We offer a safe space for victims of domestic abuse in our shop, and can direct people to the help that they need. Our staff are currently undergoing training to equip them to be able to listen effectively should anyone come to us with a problem of this nature. We feel we are well placed in the community to offer this sort of support, and to work with our schools to make sure that all children feel safe and have access to the education they deserve.

We work with our schools using Pupil Premium funding to ensure that all children have access to the uniform they require. Uniform is vital in helping children feel part of the school community so we make sure to work closely with our schools to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.

We foster an inclusive, friendly environment within the shop. All are welcome at Wear2School and we make sure to cater for all needs.