What are the benefits of wearing school uniform?

What are the benefits of wearing school uniform?
Authored By Sandra Younger

Uniforms vary in appearance from school to school. Some schools require children to wear a more formal uniform, including blazers and ties; while others have a more casual approach, like a simple polo-shirt embroidered with the school logo.

Although school uniform may not always be favoured by students, there are in fact a number of benefits associated with wearing a school uniform. Read on to learn why school uniform is an important part of school life…

Improves Safety

School uniforms help to increase student safety. For example, a uniform helps teachers to easily identify their students on a field trip or spot an intruder on the school grounds.

Unites Students

When students are wearing their uniforms, they are representing the school they belong to. This helps to create a sense of school spirit and pride. By enforcing a school uniform, the school can help students to develop a stronger team mentality.

Prevents Bullying

Fashion choices can be a major cause of bullying amongst youngsters. When all school children are wearing the same uniform, there is less competition about who has the best outfit or who is wearing the most fashionable brands. A school uniform puts everyone on the same level and prevents this kind of bullying.

Saves Time

Knowing exactly what to wear each day, greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to get ready for school each morning. This not only helps to reduce stress for both students and parents, but it also helps to reduce the pile of family washing!

Saves Money

Buying one or two sets of uniform can help parents to save money. School uniforms usually last for a whole year, or sometimes longer and they are often much cheaper than buying your child a wardrobe full of designer clothing.

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