Top Tips to Remove Stains From School Uniform

Top Tips to Remove Stains From School Uniform
Authored By Sandra Younger

Now that the rush to buy new school uniform is over, parents are faced with a new challenge - those ever increasing piles of washing! Of course we don’t expect their brand new uniforms to stay clean for long, but how do they manage to get so messy?

Tackling stubborn stains is a common chore for parents. From paint and pen, to grass and even tomato sauce, we are here to help you keep your child’s school uniform looking its best with these top tips…


A biro pen stain can cause panic, but if treated quickly, you can minimise the chance of it staining. To remove a ballpoint pen stain, you’ll be surprised to know that an alcohol-based product like hairspray can do the trick! Spray the stain liberally with hairspray and then carefully blot the stain using a damp cloth. Once the stain has lightened, wash as normal.

Grass Stains

Bright green streaks on the knees and elbows of school uniform are a familiar sight. Whether it’s from PE or playtime, grass stains are bound to happen. To tackle these stubborn stains we recommend using an old toothbrush and a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Once the stain has reduced you may wash as usual.

Tomato sauce

Tomato-based sauces are a common stain found after school meals. This type of stain can be very hard to remove and can often appear permanent, even after several washes. If the stained fabric is light, we recommend using fresh lemon juice. This has a bleaching effect and should help to remove the stain if treated quickly. Once you have applied the lemon juice, gently blot the stain using a paper towel and wash as normal.


For dried-on water-based paint, gently brush off as much of the paint as possible using an old toothbrush. Apply a mixture of washing detergent and water to the stain and sponge in. If the stain is particularly stubborn it may not be water-based paint. In this case you could try dabbing on a varnish remover with a clean cloth. Once the paint stain has softened you may add to your daily wash.

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