Should I Make My Child Study Over Christmas?

Should I Make My Child Study Over Christmas?
Authored By Sandra Younger

The Christmas holidays should be a time for fun and festivities, however this doesn’t mean that learning has to stop; in fact, this is a perfect time for children to discover that learning can be exciting and it can happen anywhere, not just at school!

Studying doesn’t have to mean sitting at a desk, reading through textbooks; to study means: spending time learning about a particular subject - and if you think outside the box, there are some much more enjoyable ways to do this. (Of course, if your child has been given homework, or needs to revise for an exam taking place after the holidays, then they will need to allow time for this amongst the fun!).

Read on for four fun learning activities to try with your children during the Christmas holidays…


Cooking is a great way to develop your child’s reading, writing and math skills. Choose some festive treats to bake together, such as gingerbread men and then ask your child to write a shopping list, find the ingredients and follow the recipe. Your child will also be able to practice their maths skills when they are measuring out the ingredients.

Reading & writing

Try to continue reading and writing with your child over the holidays to ensure that all their hard work at school isn’t forgotten. Perhaps you could choose some Christmas themed stories to read at bed time or encourage your child to keep a diary of your Christmas memories. You can also incorporate reading and writing opportunities into everyday activities, such as writing a letter to Santa!


From board games to charades, there are a wide variety of fun games you can play over the holidays that will aid your child’s learning. Games help to develop many skills and can also help to widen a child’s knowledge. Card games, for example, help to develop counting and strategy skills, whereas board games can improve concentration and general knowledge skills. The best part about playing games is that you can play them together as a family.


Whether you’re going away or staying home this Christmas, try to include educational trips into your plans. These trips could include tourist attractions, museums, zoos or historical buildings. You could even visit a local Christmas fair or panto. Doing activities together as a family is a great way to help your children learn in a fun and interactive way.

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