Eco-Schools and Eco-uniform

Eco-Schools and Eco-uniform
Authored By Sandra Younger

With a heightened focus on protecting the planet and preventing climate change, many schools across the world are making changes to become ‘Eco-schools’.

Eco-Schools England is a global programme which aims to empower students to drive change and improve their environmental awareness. Becoming an ‘Eco-school, means working together to develop pupils’ skills and knowledge, as well as improve the school environment. A big part of this commitment means producing less waste and educating students on the importance of recycling.

David Luke, one of the top school uniform suppliers in the UK, has recognised this eco-friendly movement by schools and in turn they have created an award-winning Eco-Uniform range.
This new range of school wear has been manufactured using a unique process which turns plastic bottles into polyester for school uniforms!

For example, 100% of the polyester in their Eco-blazers & jackets comes from recycled plastic bottles and incredibly the average number of bottles used to make one blazer is 18!
With this exciting new initiative, David Luke have saved over 20 million plastic bottles from going to landfill since they first started their Eco-uniform range in 2012.

Eco-schools are not only encouraging pupils to wear Eco-uniform, but they are also using it as a more tangible way of teaching pupils about waste recycling and encouraging social responsibility.

David Luke’s values strongly align with the values shared by eco-Schools. They promise that every garment they produce comes from a place of Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility and a Progressive culture. Every Eco garment created by David Luke helps retailers, schools, parents and their children make a positive difference to the environment.

Furthermore, because their Eco-Uniforms story is so inspiring and informative, David Luke has created a collection of engaging educational resources for schools to link recycling into the curriculum.

We are proud stockists of David Luke’s Eco-Uniform range, making it easy for you to opt for an eco friendly school uniform for your child and do your bit to save the planet!

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